LEJAY® Cassis : respect for tradition since 1841

Discover an unchanged know-how since 1841, based on the principles of time and gravity. A perpetual homage of century-old traditional processes from the harvest to the bottling.

Crème de Cassis : LEJAY’s expertise

LEJAY LAGOUTE’s Crème de Cassis is produced thanks to unique expertise, derived from traditions passed down since 1841. Production of Crème de Cassis involves slow maceration of the blackcurrants at room temperature.

Each one of the varieties of blackcurrants used by LEJAY LAGOUTE is macerated separately in fine alcohol. This process takes between 8 and 10 weeks. The operation is governed by the principle of gravity, since free-run juice from the maceration vats is transferred to the racking vats. Juice from the carefully-pressed fruit is then also added. This is how LEJAY LAGOUTE obtains the essence of the liqueur (called the vierge mélange, or virgin mix) without any filtering whatsoever. It is left to rest a while longer so that the clear juice alone can be extracted. This is then used to make our precious nectar, our Crème de Cassis.

Lejay: guaranteed 100% Cassis

After the extraction process, two varieties of blackcurrants are blended by our skilled teams. Granulated sugar is then added as well as a unique ingredient which is what makes our Crème de Cassis so special: an infusion of blackcurrant buds. This unusual ingredient brings a central vegetal note to our liqueur, with the hint of citrus that is so characteristic of LEJAY® Crème de Cassis.

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